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Geneviève Dicaire

B.Gest, PCC

B.Gest, PCC, Certified Nova Profile 2.0 and Agile Profile. Coaching and Training, Speaker and Author

Geneviève Dicaire helps leaders to act harmoniously with this world that is fast, demanding and turbulent. In fact, she believe that if you achieve to see and act differently, you will create a new performance: a human performance.

After a 15-year career in the information technology field, and former manager of major technology projects then director of IT operations at Ubisoft Montreal, she decided to get trained in professional coaching to create different results in her teams.

Geneviéve Dicaire Coach

She succeeded in creating a human performance and decided to go from intrapreneur to entrepreneur. Her experience, academics and numerous certifications, including behavioral agility, make her coaching just, efficient and actionable. She helps leaders and their teams to communicate efficiently and deliver what they have to deliver more easily. Her coaches achieve that through the development of their human relationship, management and business skills. Her clients are generally from the following fields: technology, engineering, production and operations. With Genevieve, become more pertinent and more inspiring!

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