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In Quebec, the expression “lac à l’épaule” is often used to refer to corporate retreats organized in a natural setting, such as a cabin by a lake. This expression is very popular and represents a way of life deeply rooted in Quebec culture.

The expression “lac à l’épaule” literally means “carrying a lake on your shoulder,” which symbolizes the physical effort it takes to reach this isolated and preserved place. However, it is not only the physical aspect that is important, but also the psychological dimension of this expression. It suggests the idea of ​​getting away from the hectic city life to recharge and refocus on the essentials.

Corporate retreats organized in such an environment offer many advantages. They allow participants to get away from the daily routine and focus on activities that stimulate creativity, collaboration, and team development. This can include outdoor activities, personal and professional development workshops, as well as training sessions.

Moreover, these retreats can foster team spirit and strengthen bonds among company members. Participants have the opportunity to get to know each other better and work together in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. This shared experience can also strengthen participants’ commitment to the company and common goals.

Ultimately, the expression “lac à l’épaule” represents the importance of getting away from the hectic life to recharge and focus on the essentials. Corporate retreats organized in natural settings, such as cabins by a lake, offer an environment conducive to collaboration, team development, and the creation of lasting bonds among company members.