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Ingela Camba Ludlow


Ingela Camba Ludlow has made the mind and human relations her life project. This has been the guiding thread through her research and work in diverse human areas : work places, teams, emotions, mind, relationships and the magic of the brain’s machinery.

As an Executive and Leadership Development Coach she helps her clients to bring out their full potential by anchoring individuals to their own internal strengths. She leads clients to learn that there are no limits to the potential growth that can be achieved. 

Ingela Camba - Coach & Author

She consistently helps her clients to increase energy, motivation and drive because she works from the core of each individual. She leverages the unique talents of each client so he/she can develop they own distinctive leadership style to meet their own development plan within the company.

She has a talent for connecting with her clients, coaching authentically and inspiring trust. She champions her clients with enthusiasm and a strong belief in their ability to transform their situation, so they can move forward to reach their goals.

Over the years she became very proficient at systemic team coaching, enabling teams and individuals to re-ignite their fire, build and or recover their networking and finding available resources within their reach to go through difficult environments. She also has a firm purpose to create awareness of the wider system, that all the individuals and living beings that can be intertwined with her clients are seen and hence anticipating the future needs of the world.

Her abilities are the result of a very rich unique career. She worked several years at P&G from where she brings the experience of launching new businesses and managing large budgets and organizations -through challenging economical environments- to create profitable growth.  From this experience she also grasped invaluable insights of the emotional dynamics within the corporate world. Paired to this, she is a licensed psychotherapist with years of understanding of the human psyche. All of this combined, allow her to rapidly identify the cognitive or emotional blocks that prevent individuals to move forward and from there help them to meet their own unique success so they can become responsible exceptional leaders.

During the 90s she first graduated from Chemical Engineering with a research project in Genetic Engineering, she worked in Marketing and Market Research and in 2010 she completed a master’s degree in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. She then dedicated 7 years to the training of psychologists and psychotherapists with a psychoanalytic orientation as a professor of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the Eleia Center (an institution in Mexico with focus in Psychology). She obtained a Certification for Professional Coaching at iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence) in New York. She is also certified in Systemic Team Coaching at AoC under the direction of Peter Hawkins. She has completed other coaching certifications such as Politic Coaching and Team Coaching by EEC and Somatic Coaching (Strozzi Institute).

She then entered the domain of supervision, the threshold development for coaches and psychotherapists since 2018 when she trained in Coaching Certification with Goldvarg Consulting Group and Systemic Team Coaching Supervisory Certification with Peter Hawkins and Catherine Carr.

She has worked with clients in US, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador.

Since 2020 she is Faculty in the largest virtual Systemic Team Coaching training program with WBCES. She is currently doing a doctorate in Contemporary Psychoanalysis with a specialty in Neuropsychoanalysis. This time, the object of study will be the pandemic and the social effects of confinement.

In 2022, she publishes her “Humor in Psychoanalysis and Coaching Supervision. From Life to Interventions”. Aimed at helping professions and public in general to find in humor a way to relate to the world and face the adversities part of life.

She is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

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