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Corporate Retreats and Business Travel


Elevate Your Corporate Retreats, Team Building, and Strategic Planning

The complete experience is more than the sum of its parts. It is not just a training process or a team building effort. We want to create an environment for everyone that is rich in activities, exchanges and information while constantly stimulating the collaborative spirit.

Beyond the benefits of corporate activities such as team building and strategic planning, an overseas event facilitates a change of perspective from the common framework and adds exoticism to make your initiative an unforgettable experience for all participants.

CHANGE (THE) ENVIRONMENT! Whether it’s to increase interest, reinforce a sense of belonging, increase the sales force’s confidence in their performance, improve coordination, habits and teamwork methods, promote the “employer brand”, strengthen ties, forge new ones, motivate or change attitudes and stimulate positive thinking… there’s nothing like an off-site trip!

Off-site strategic planning for  executives, by executives…

Driven by unwavering passion and fueled by the desire to achieve great heights, the team of executives behind Altura Summits has created a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of both junior and senior executives. Drawing from their own experiences and triumphs over past challenges, these dedicated professionals have crafted a remarkable offering designed to support individuals in their daily pursuits.


Team building (collaborations -Team building)

Team Building

Strategic thinking (off-site strategic planning)

Off site strategic planning

Coaching, motivation, team engagement

Coaching, motivation, team engagement

Team development and customized training (certified coaches, all expertise)

Team development and customized training

High-end and exclusive experience

Leadership and executive corporate retreats

Unforgettable experiences in Exotic Destinations

Our choice of destinations varies according to individual needs. However, having visited a multitude of facilities in Mexico and the Caribbean, we have focused on comfort, luxury, reliability, efficiency, price, quality, possible activities and the many opportunities offered to be able to propose exceptional places for an unforgettable stay and an extraordinary experience.

Beach Destinations

Colonial Destinations

Our Leadership Team

ALTURA was born of the alliance of 4 business leaders, each with a specific and related field of expertise. Yves Levasseur (President of Levasseur Warren Coaching Inc.), Hugo Berger (CEO of Telework Academy), Francisco Acasuso (CEO of Propulsoft) and Jean Philippe Argant (CEO of Ameco Brand+Marketing) are at the helm of this team, which is now equipped with the expertise to adequately support entrepreneurs and business leaders. Having themselves experienced most of the irritants and situations that most entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and leaders have to deal with on a daily basis, they are well placed to offer innovative approaches and solutions through this new structure.